Stryker HeartSine® 500P


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CPR stands for Cardio (heart) Pulmonary (lung) Resuscitation. The technique combines compressing the heart with the rescuers hands to circulate blood to all the vital organs while breathing into the victim to supply oxygen.

The 500P defibrillator provides the rescuer with real-time instructions regarding compressions with verbal feedback such as “Good Compressions”, “Push Harder”, “Push Faster”, and “Push Slower.” These instructions also are displayed on the face of the device to ensure the rescuer performs the most effective CPR.

How It Works: Impedance Cardiogram (ICG) analysis is embedded in the device’s software and guides the user in the required force and speed of compressions for the victim. The ICG measures impedance changes in the chest cavity, which helps determine effective CPR. Because the ICG is related to how fast the compressions are applied, as well as how hard, the 500P can guide the user on both rate and depth.

After being instructed to “Begin CPR,” an audible beep for the appropriate rhythm will help the rescuer keep time when performing compressions. The objective during CPR using the 500P is to hear “Good Compressions” and to see green on the CPR indicator.

Package comes with: Samaritan® AED 500P with one (1) adult Pad-Pak, carry case, fast response kit, window decal, user’s manuals, CD rom, 8 year warranty

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 18.4 × 4.8 cm
Energy Selection

Pad-Pak – Shock 1: 150J, Shock 2: 150J, Shock 3: 200J
Pediatric-Pak – Shock 1: 50J, Shock 2: 50J, Shock 3: 50J
Charge time (typical):, 150J in < 8 seconds, 200J in < 12 seconds

Operation & Standby Temperature

Operating/Standby temperature: 0oC to 50oC (32oF to 122oF)
Transportation temperature: -10oC to 50oC (14oF to 122oF) for up to two days. If the device has been stored below 0oC (32oF), it should be returned to an ambient temperature of between 0oC to 50oC (32oF to 122oF) for at least 24 hours before use.

Battery & Electrode Shelf Life

4 years


8 – year warranty!