Fall Protection for the Industrial/Commercial End-User.
Course Duration: 8 hours
Cost: $150.00 + GST

The Fall Protection Group Inc. one-day Industrial/Commercial End-User Fall Protection program trains students to understand the ramifications of fall protection as it relates to work performed at heights.  This course identifies various fall protection options, and defines which options best meet the needs of the individual.  Students are also trained in the tools and knowledge to work at heights safely.  The course material is energetically delivered over one full day and includes hands-on activities, video analysis, and focuses on student participation.

This course is delivered by one of our highly-qualified instructors.

The OSSA Fall Protection course covers the following topics:

  • fall accident statistics
  • governing bodies and regulations
  • dynamics of falling
  • fall protection planning
  • fall protection systems
  • fall arrest system components
  • clearance and free-fall calculations
  • harness fitting
  • equipment care and inspection
  • suspension trauma
  • rescue principles

This course takes place at our training facility in Nisku, Alberta, which is easily accessible for those traveling from Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary and surrounding areas in Alberta. To see if this training could be provided to you at your location (work camps, Grand Prairie, Fort McMurray, etc.), please contact us.

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